About Us

Beijing Amsino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., referred to as Amsino, was established in 1999 with a registered capital of RMB 24,625,600 and is situated within the Beijing Miyun Industrial Development Zone. Amsino proudly stands as a pioneer among high-tech enterprises, specializing in the research, development, production, sales, and service of cutting-edge medical devices tailored for cardiac intervention.

On January 15, 2016, Amsino achieved a significant milestone by successfully listing on the New Third Board. Over the years, our commitment has been unwavering, as we continuously introduce the latest products and technologies in the field of foreign cardiac intervention to China. We actively foster a platform for communication between domestic and foreign physicians, which significantly contributes to elevating the interventional treatment capabilities of our nation's cardiovascular physicians.

Our remarkable achievements span diverse areas, including cardiac pacemakers, electrophysiology, coronary intervention, artificial heart valves, and more. These accomplishments have positioned Amsino as a highly influential professional enterprise within the domestic industry.

Amsino's scientific research team is composed of top talents in biomedicine, biomaterial, mechanical engineering, laser processing and other relevant disciplines, including 3 Doctors, 13 Masters and 52 Bachelors. 60% of the technical personnel achieved college degree or above.
Amsino has accumulatively applied for 36 patents (8 international applications) and obtained 25 authorized patents, including 9 invention patents (6 international inventions) and 16 utility model patents. At present, we have 1 invention patent in the substantial examination stage, 1 application numb
The factory has complete hardware facilities, including imported laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, vacuum heat treatment device, chemical safety system, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, electric polishing machine, electric ball and other advanced experimental equipment.
Our History
Head of sales section, Beijing KANGYI factory, Entering the field of cardiac intervention in China
Joined Chinese Medical Association, assistant director of Drug Department (general manager of Huaxin pharmaceutical company)
After the establishment of Xinhua business agency, it became ACS and bard company in the United States The national general representative of yingsai company and On-X company in China.
We independently developed, designed and produced the first laser engraving machine for bracket, Take the lead to become an early domestic bracket manufacturer. The company changed its name to Beijing meizhongshuanghe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and obtained the business license
The United States, China and Shuanghe purchased land in Beijing Miyun Industrial Development Zone, built standard plants Ten thousand class clean production workshop meeting GMP standard. Since then, the United States and China began to make a peace To become a professional enterprise in the field
Developed and produced a new type of drug stent: arsenic trioxide coated stent (breaking the situation of zero independent intellectual property rights in the field of medical devices in China)
We have officially produced arsenic trioxide drug degradable coated stent with original independent intellectual property rights The woten disposable expandable balloon catheter independently developed has obtained the product registration certificate of the State Food and drug administration, mark
Through ISO13485 standard quality system certification, the R & D project of functional drug eluting stent which can promote endothelial repair has been supported by the National 863 program. Avi disposable sterile pressure pump product has obtained the product registration certificate of State Food
We have obtained three product registration certificates, including liquid pusher for angiography, disposable intravascular guiding device and disposable intravascular guide wire;
The first biological heart valve produced by us China Shuanghe company
The company has officially become a patent pilot enterprise in Beijing and obtained the patent pilot certificate
The product registration certificate of "arsenic trioxide drug coated stent delivery system" indicates that the original independent intellectual property rights products independently developed by our company for more than 10 years can be formally put into the market and applied to patients
"Arsenic trioxide drug-eluting stent" was awarded the patent certificate in Europe, the United States and Japan. Beijing Biomedical Industry leapfrog development engineering enterprise (G20 enterprise) title
Newly identified as a national high-tech enterprise September 15, the company completed the enterprise restructuring
Beijing Meizhong Shuanghe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. completed the share reform. It was listed on the new third board on January 15, 2016
Establishment of "post doctoral research station" Newly evaluated as a high tech industrial enterprise in Beijing "A biodegradable scaffold and its preparation method" has won the Chinese invention patent The company's original product arsenic trioxide drug eluting stent delivery system entered t
Newly evaluated as Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprise Won the second prize of materials and accessories technology in China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Won the second prize of China Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship competition season (2019) of the 8th China Inn
Products in research: involving multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, peripheral blood vessels, pacemaker, ECG, tumor, and biomaterials.